Episode 14

Published on:

13th Apr 2022

S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 14 - Sparkle "Go Urban City"

Episode Description

Meet Sparkle, the beauty behind the brains of GoUrbanLasVegas. What started off as a three-day vacation to Las Vegas became a 14-day trip. Shortly thereafter, Sparkle continued to make her way from time-to-time to Vegas until one day she had a Divine encounter with God - who told her it was time to go and make Vegas her home. In this episode of S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk, Sparkle shares with J Haleem, the biggest misconception people have about Vegas, why it's important for us to untrain to retrain, and the importance of being honest with yourself. 

Show Notes - 

1:48 - J Haleem welcomes Sparkle to the show 

4:43 - Sparkle shares the biggest misconception she has heard about Las Vegas

7:01 - Sparkle shares the dynamic of what caused her to move from California to Vegas

9:17 - “Success is understanding you’re going to try and fail.” Be mindful of your intent. 

11:33 - Sparkle speaks on coming to Vegas for vacation for only 3 days & here she is   

            six years later.   

14:34 - Overcoming hurdles

17:03 - J Haleem gives Sparkle her flowers 

19:45 - That moment when Sparkle realized hustling & hard work was the winning 


20:40 - “Untrain to retrain”

22:32 - Sparkle describes her history of GoUrbanLasVegas

24:23 - The formula for results = commitment + consistency 

25:26 - Collaboration and why its key 

31:37 - Be honest with yourself

34:36 - Why is vulnerability hard to achieve in Black community?

38:21 - Sparkle speaks on Creating the Poppin’ Marketplace Family Festival 

44:42 - J Haleem shares, “The fastest way to get something, is to give something.”

45:10 - Celebrate as we climb up the ladder

47:02 - Sparkle speaks on what Stand Tall & Reclaim Victory Means to Her 

51:02 - The importance of knowing that somebody cares

53:43 - “MyShineMyGrind,”  - the mantra

57:13 - The importance of Black companies controlling the media 

Connect with Sparkle: 

Instagram - @gourbanlasvegas



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