Episode 31

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26th Jul 2023

S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 30 Coach Amber J

Amber Jones, Ceo of CoachAmberJ Enterprises LLC, is a Certified Transitional Life Coach through Integrative Academy empowers her clients both men/women to successfully balance their personal and professional lives so that they can have more fulfillment without burnout to live in Purpose.

Amber also, is an Image consultant, and Author of "The Key You are the Master Key"

Amber is a mother of 3 boys (her perfect 3). Amber Launched her Coaching business in 2016 to help people birth their vision and walk in their purpose focusing on three key areas: Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and Purpose.

Prior to coaching and being a Mother. Amber spent over 10 years in property management and an experienced consultant since 2012. She has mentored through her management career, and teaches many life skill courses through inmate reentry programs as well as at risk youth programs through solution to change non profit. Today

Amber offers a wide range of coaching programs and services from individual coaching to workshops with groups and other Coaches

To contact Amber please visit her at www.CoachAmberJ.com

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J Haleem Washington

J Haleem went from working for $8.00 an hour at the Hampton Inn, to earning 6 figures as a Commercial Photographer in just a few years. He was able to accomplish all this while being a convicted felon. While working for $8.00 an hour he developed his mantra #I Won’t Starve which was the catalyst for him to leave his job after only one year. Over his career, he’s been able to work with international brands like Nike, Save The Children Foundation, NFL, Amtrak & The WNBA.

Since then, he has become pardoned, and now is a best-selling author and motivational speaker. J Haleem uses the #I Won’t Starve message to encourage and motivate students, entrepreneurs and career-oriented individuals. His goal is to inspire you to build a platform to ensure that U Won’t Starve.