Episode 32

Published on:

9th Aug 2023

S.T.A.R.V.E. Talk - Episode 32 Terrance Tucker: The T.U.C.K. Project

Terrance Tucker is the founder of the T.U.C.K. Project, a mentoring

program aimed at promoting male achievement throughout the

Columbia, SC and Augusta, GA regions. The T.U.C.K. Project was

founded in 2016 with just five mentees, and has successfully grown to

approximately 170 mentees and 15 committed volunteers. An extremely

gifted and engaging motivational speaker, Terrance has spoken at over

200 middle schools, high schools, and colleges; as well as five federal

prisons and juvenile detention centers around the South Carolina,

Georgia and North Carolina region. Mr. Tucker has also delivered over

60 keynote addresses. In addition to motivational speaking, Terrance

teaches life skills courses at two South Carolina federal prisons.

Terrance has devoted countless hours to ensuring that these young men

have the tools to recognize and achieve their maximum potential. In

addition to a focus on youth, the T.U.C.K. Project hosts a monthly

outreach program where clothing and food are donated to the homeless

community in downtown Columbia, SC. In doing so, he is

demonstrating the importance of reaching back while reaching ahead.

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